The Confederation for Working Equitation is a  unified governing body for the development and further promotion of Working Equitation in the United States.   

The Confederation’s original Executive Board consists of four original directors nominated or elected by the boards of the founding organizations (WEIAUSA and USFWE): 

  • Jill Glasspool Malone, PhD 

  • Jeanne Bond

  • Chris Stanko

  • Rafael Chavez

Future Executive Board members will be appointed by the sitting Executive Board

Tarrin Warren has been named Executive Director.

Committees have been established to manage the day-to-day business of the Confederation under the guidance of the Executive Director and Executive Board.  Committee chairs have been appointed as follows:

·      Rules & Regulations – Chair Jeanne Bond

·      Licensed Officials, Judging – Chair Dr. Rebecca Yount

·      Competitions and Events -- Chair Jeanne Bond

·      Membership – Chair Tarrin Warren

·      Medal & High Point Awards - Chair Karen Burch

·      Compliance & Ethics and Appeals – Chair Dr. Jill Glasspool Malone

·      Marketing, Promotion & Sponsorship – Chair Tarrin Warren


Regional Directors:

Region 1  Northwest

Shelby Ahrens -

Region 2 Southwest 

Ashley Bowers -

Region 3 Northern Great Plains

Kate Fowler -

Region 4 Southern Great Plains

Sarah Porte -

Region 5 Great Lakes

Karen Boso -

Region 6 Northeast 

Megan Malan -

Region 7 Southeast


International Region 

Jill Barron -


To ensure the work of the Confederation is guided by the membership, each of these committees will be further staffed with volunteers.  Members interested in volunteering for committee-work should contact Executive Director Tarrin Warren. Email:

The functions of the founding organizations under the Confederation umbrella have been defined to best utilize the strengths of each organization.


Picture by Carmen Franco