Licensed Officials

The Confederation for Working Equitation sanctioned shows require Licensed Judges.

We have many highly qualified and Licensed Judges available from all over the USA. 

Name Email Residence Judge Level TD
Algar, Rebecca CA S TD
Atkinson, Doreen TX S
Barron, Jill CAN R TD
Blacklock, Kris WI TD
Boso, Karen IL L TD
Bowers, Ashley AZ TD
Burch, Karen CO TD
Chastain, Nicole CA R
Erway, Tracy OR TD
Franco, Carmen FL R TD
Hipsley, Wayne KY S
Kemp, Emily WI TD
Kinney, Sharon KY TD
Lamoureaux, Amanda VT TD
Malone, Jill VA L TD
Mathews, Becky WA L TD
McLaughlin, Kitty CO L
Morosani, Elizabeth NC TD
Paulson, Kelli NE L
Price, Barbara CA R
Schwartz, Cari OR R
Star, Amy AZ R TD
Taylor, Lidia OK L TD
Undabarrena, Miguel AZ R
Vermaas, Michael TX S
Warren, Tarrin TXD S TD
Watkins, Sue CA R TD

Please check requirements and regulations regularly for changes. The Licensed officials program was updated in January, 2019.

Judges and Technical Delegates

For details, please click on the button below for a downloadable PDF

Carmen Franco

Carmen Franco

 Licensed Official Instructor

We will be identifying individuals, through an application process, to become Licensed Officials Instructors.

You will be able to bring these instructors to your area and host a Licensed Officials Seminar. 
If you would like to host a seminar in your area, please fill out this application:

We currently have two instructors:
Carmen Franco and Tarrin Warren. 
We hope to be adding to that list soon!

Our goal is for the Confederation to sponsor one seminar per year for our “R” and “S” judges with an International judge. Details are being worked out for 2018. Our other Officials will be able to attend as silent auditors for continuing education.

Complete details on the program are below.

If you have any questions please contact us at:

Licensed Official Training Program

The goal of this program is to increase the availability of training seminars for TDs and “L” and “r” judges. The program is designed to identify a select number of “R” or “S” judges or other individuals approved by the Confederation who can serve as instructors for Licensed Officials at these levels.

Judge’s Accreditation Program

In 2017 we held these Judges and Technical Delegates’s Seminars:

·      Mar 14-17   Spring Festival, Haras Hacienda, Magnolia, TX

·      May 11-14   Andalusian World Cup East, North Carolina State Fair Grounds, Raleigh, NC

·      Sept 21-24   Andalusian World Cup West, South Point Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV

·      Oct 24 – 29 Haras Cup, Haras Hacienda, Magnolia, TX

Attendance at a Confederation-recognized judge’s seminar is one of the requirements applicants must complete prior to being considered for Confederation judge accreditation.  For more Information, please contact Dr. Rebecca Yount, chair of the Licensed Officials Committee, email: information@confederationwe.