Memberships and Horse Recordings

Membership in the Confederation is offered on an individual and group member (GM) basis. Existing active members of each founding organization have been granted membership in the Confederation.  New membership cards will be issued.

Memberships run from Dec 1 to Nov 30.

Individual Confederation memberships are administered through WEIAUSA, using the linked form below.

GM memberships may be obtained through USFWE, using the linked form below. 

Horse recording numbers and show licenses will be issued by the Confederation.  

For individual memberships, please click on the link below


For Groups Memberships, click on the link below


For Horse Recordings, please click on the link below


To find an organization near you or to discover more about our many group organizations, please click on the link below


Please use the link below to check membership or to verify membership status.

Please use the link below to check to verify horse recordings.


Members of WEIAUSA and/or USFWE (prior to 1/11/17):  All existing members and all existing multi-year members of WEIAUSA are issued a Confederation membership card.  Existing Members have been automatically grandfathered into the Confederation database and be fully eligible for all discounts, programs, and events of the Confederation and both founding organizations.  Members of existing group members’s, without individual memberships, receive membership cards as the group member’s submit membership rosters become available.

To compete in Confederation shows or seminars, individuals must be a member of a GM or purchase individual memberships.  Non-members will be allowed to compete at “B” rated shows for a $30 non-member fee.            

New 2017 (received after 1/11/17) Individual Members:   All new INDIVIDUAL single year and multi-year memberships will register via the link above.   These members are automatically members of both WEIAUSA and the Confederation for Working Equitation.  New members are eligible for all discounts, programs, monthly newsletter, and events of the Confederation and both founding organizations.    

New 2017 Group Members (GM):   Any club, group, or organization that wishes to be recognized under the Confederation should register via the link above.  Group members are eligible discounted show licensing fees, advertising on Confederation website, club ranking, use of Confederation logo, monthly newsletter and all other Confederation group member programs and events.  Any rider who belongs to GM is eligible to compete without a non -member fee but will not be eligible for the lifetime or annual awards program unless an individual membership is purchased.           

Horse Lifetime Recording:   Any horse competing in Confederation shows must have a lifetime recording number.  The fee for recording horses is $20 per horse  and horses can be registered via the link above. All horses previously recorded with WEIAUSA have been grandfathered into the Confederation database.  Monies generated from the Confederation Horse Lifetime Recording fund the collection of horse data and show records for the lifetime of the horse as submitted to the confederation either by the owner or a Confederation recognized show.   

Membership Pricing:

Annual Individual Membership: $60.00

Annual Youth Membership: $45.00

3yr Individual Membership: $140.00

3yr Youth Membership: $100.00


Annual GM Membership (for the group) 

< 40 members: $100

> 41 members: $150


Lifetime Horse Recording: $20.00


Any questions regarding membership may be directed to the Membership Committee chair, Amy Star.