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Working Equitation Workshop - Serenity Farms - YELM (WA) REGION 1

Clinician: Tarrin Warren (Confederation "S" Judge)

Event info: The clinic will be an hour and a half session for every two riders.  We are giving the riders the opportunity to either work on the dressage phase and/or the ease of handling phase (obstacles) or both!
In the dressage phase Tarrin will be going over the specific maneuvers that they are wanting in Working Equitation which is slightly different than that of a regular dressage test.  They are looking for dressage with an application for function in the field,  so the movements and maneuvers desired are more classical and will directly relate to the other phases.
Tarrin will go over the patterns,  the maneuvers and how to get you and your horse to the level needed. You do not have to ride in dressage tack or even know how to ride a pattern. She is willing to teach at all levels on the dressage phase. This is a required phase in any Working Equitation show you will ride in and we highly recommend having one of your sessions with Tarrin be a dressage session!

In the Ease of Handling phase Tarrin will be working with you on Working Equitation specific obstacles. The ease of handling phase is done with precision with a focus on connection and willingness.  Tarrin herself is a money earner in the sport and knows how to successfully develop a horse for ease of handling.  So you will get a double benefit from Tarrin's guidance- a judges perspective and a trainers ability. 

Riders options:
1 session 1 day: Dressage phase $125 for the session
1 session 1 day: Ease of Handling phase  $125 for the session
2 sessions 2 days: Dressage phase and Ease of Handling phase  $250 for both sessions.

Again sessions are 1.5 hours long and only have one additional rider, thus maximizing your time with Tarrin and getting the guidance that you need. 

Additional costs:
$10 haul in fee per day
Optional  $30 overnight stall fee (very limited spots available)
Auditors $20 per day or $30 for the weekend

Contact Information: Amanda Styga"action_history"%3A"[%7B%5C"surface%5C"%3A%5C"page%5C"%2C%5C"mechanism%5C"%3A%5C"main_list%5C"%2C%5C"extra_data%5C"%3A[]%7D]"%7D&aref=0&ref=page_internal

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