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Intro to Working Equitation with clinician Tarrin Warren - REAGAN WELLS (TX) REGION 4

Clinic will include dressage and ease of handling phases located in beautiful southwest Texas Hill Country. Riders of comparable skills will be matched in groups of four for half day instruction/half day audit. Participant limited to 8. Clinic fee $250, limited outside stalls $15, generator LQ welcome. Local lodging available for small fee. Audit only $20 day. Due to remote location please bring food for the weekend. Lunch included on Saturday. Two spots currently available then will start a wait list.

Contact information: Sherry Garrett 830-279-6886 call or text

Event location: Swallowfork Ranch, Reagan Wells, Texas in north Uvalde County

All dates and times are subject to change, please contact the show organizer for more information.