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SEMINAR - 2018 U. S. Working Equitation Licensed Officials Training Seminar - MAGNOLIA (TX) REGION 4

Recognized and Endorsed by the Confederation for Working Equitation and WE United

Dates: August 23rd to August 28th, 2018

Location: Generously hosted by Haras Hacienda at their world-class facility. 26427 Peden Road, Magnolia, Texas 77355

Hotel Information:
Holiday Inn Express 14055 Park Dr., Tomball, TX 77377. 832-639-4900
Hampton Inn 14100 Medical Center Complex, Tomball, TX 77377. 281-357-1500

Officials: $125 per day (Half day Tuesday $60)
Silent Auditors: $100 per day (Half Day Tuesday $45)
Payable to The Confederation for Working Equitation

Registration Opening Date April 15th. Payment in full secures a seat in the seminar. Limited to 20 Individuals. Auditors will be accommodated if there is room once licensed officials have registered. 

Use this link to register:

Antonio Vicente (POR)
Confederation Licensed Officials Instructor (2)
WE United representative (2)

For more information:
Confederation: Tarrin Warren
WE United: Barbara Price

Please review chart for schedule of participation. 
Practical portions of the seminar will be ridden by test riders. Test riders may be either Confederation or WE United members. We will be recruiting riders for introductory through masters level. Number of needed riders will be dependent on the number of seminar participants. Due to the heat and humidity during this time of year, practical portions of the seminar will be held in the early morning and evening hours.
The first day of the seminar (Thursday 8/23) would be geared toward individuals who have completed all requirements for licensing except the seminar. They must have submitted a licensing application to the Confederation or WE United. This day MUST be attended by non-licensed official candidates that wish to participate in the remainder of the seminar. This portion of the seminar will be taught by Confederation Licensed Official Instructor(s) with a WE United representative in attendance. Instructors will provide an orientation to US rules and basic judging procedures/issues. All currently licensed officials are encouraged to attend this day as a refresher and to understand US rule changes and updates.
Friday 8/24, Saturday 8/25, and Sunday 8/26 will be taught by Antonio Vincente and open to the above individuals, as well as, any other US licensed official of any level. The final 1.5 days (9 am Monday 8/27 to noon Tuesday 8/28) would be for currently licensed “R” and “S” judges. Currently licensed “r” judges and TDs may participate as silent auditors. The last 1.5 days will focus more on Advanced, Masters, and International issues.
For the sessions held on Friday through Sunday, one or more of the instructors from Thursday will be present to assist with any needed clarification of US Rules.