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CLINIC - Working Equitation Obstacles Clinic - JOHNSON (VT) REGION 6

Join a one day clinic offering Working Equitation (WE) obstacles to build skills and confidence for both you and your horse. Learn the rules and format of the three phases while meeting other riders with interest in this growing sport.

Morning session begins with in-hand exercises to increase responsiveness of the aids, flexibility, balance, lightness and harmony. The obstacles are then introduced to the horse from the ground to build confidence and set you and your horse up to succeed.

Next is mounted work with over a dozen obstacles seen in Working Equitation. This is where we put riding to purpose in The Center's "equine playground".

Riding is optional for those who wish to use the obstacle course from the ground to build your and your horse's confidence.

Cost: $150 Limited to 10 participants. Includes printed rule book with further resources for WE.
Auditors welcomed at $20 each.

For more information please contact Stephanie Lockhart
802-730-5400 or

Register Here or send a check payable to:
Center for America's First Horse
PO Box 31, Johnson, VT 05656

Event location: Center for America's First Horse Johnson, VT

Name of GM hosting: New England Working Equitation

Event Website:

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