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Working Equitation Clinic in Remington, VA. Clinician: Dr. Jill Malone

We are offering this clinic for those who want to get into the world of working equitation and to more experienced riders. We will have at least five working equitation obstacles set up for riders to navigate.

Sessions are limited to 5 riders per session.
Sessions are 75 minutes long.

10am-11:15am Intro Level
11:30am-12:45pm Novice Level
1:15pm-2:30pm Intermediate Level

Introductory Level - Obstacles will be at walk and trot if comfortable. Best for folks who have no experience and want to get their feet wet.
Novice Level - walk/trot obstacles. 
Intermediate Level - Folks who are comfortable walk/trot/cantering obstacles or have experience with we.

For the purposes of the clinic sign ups, please select Intro (Intro) Beginner Novice (Novice) and Intermediate (Intermediate)

Auditing is free. Just bring your own chairs.

All levels of riders and horses are welcome. Working equitation is a sport open to all, western, dressage, trail riders, etc.

Limited Day Stalls available.

About Dr. Jill Malone
Jill has been involved with horses since she was a child and successfully competed in many equine sports. For the past seven years, Jill has trained in working equitation and is licensed as an “L” judge as well as a technical delegate with the Confederation for Working Equitation. She has trained with and scribed for Portuguese judges to learn working equitation from the international perspective and has successfully shown her horses in working equitation. Previously, Jill earned her judging certificate from the University of North Carolina Horse Judging program.
Jill has taken several trips to Portugal to gain a working knowledge of the sport. She has passion to develop the sport here in the USA. Dr. Malone is on the executive board of the Confederation for Working Equitation. In addition to her love for horses and working equitation, she is a doctoral level trailed biologist, with a specialty in clinical trials development and design.

This clinic is a joint event between Working Equitation of Virginia and Mitchell Dressage series. 

The event coordinator is Anna Mitchell of Mitchell Dressage Series.

Event coordinator: Anna Mitchell, (540) 630-2628

GM; Working Equitation of Virginia, Co-organizer: Mitchell Dressage Series


Kelly’s Ford Equestrian Center,

16589 Edwards Shop Rd
Remington, Virginia 22734

Region 6