Remember to mark your calendar! 
More details will be released in the next few weeks!
The Confederation for Working Equitation is excited to announce the 2018 Working Equitation National Championship Show and International Haras Cup Working Equitation competition to be held in October 19-21, 2018. Two great shows in one beautiful location. The top-quality venue of Haras Hacienda show facility, is located in Magnolia, Texas. This central location is accessible from all parts of the United States. This facility features multiple arenas with state of the art footing and great ventilation for the equine athletes.

Here are some exciting facts to know:
- You must qualify for this event per the requirements in the rules book: Rule 2.8 page 11
- Your scores from Confederation rated shows from 12/1/2016 through 10/1/2018 will count towards qualifications for the National Championship Show
- WE United shows will count towards qualification for the Working Equitation National Championship Show IF the following requirements are met:
o Show must be held between 12/1/2017 and 10/1/2018
o Show must be judged by a Confederation licensed judge
o Horse must be recorded with the Confederation PRIOR to the competition
o Competitor must be an Individual or Group Member of the Confederation PRIOR to the competition
o Competitor must submit score sheets and official show results to the Confederation using the appropriate Confederation form within 30 days of the conclusion of the competition

We are looking forward to this event and we are excited to offer this venue to all Working Equitation enthusiasts across the United States. Stay tuned for more information! We currently have over 130 qualifying horse and rider pairs.



Since the CONFEDERATION FOR WORKING EQUITATION was created (a bit more than a year ago), we have been lucky to have counted with a great team of Volunteers. They have helped in every aspect of the development of this beautiful sport in the country and beyond frontiers. Their presence has been vital to run shows, committees, programs, clinics , seminars, ... pushing forward the regional and local development. 
If you want to join the team, please visit our website:
or send an email to


Licensed Officials Training Seminar with António Vicente

Our Licensed Officials Training Seminar with António Vicente will be held August 23-26 at Haras Hacienda in Magnolia, Texas. This is a premier seminar for currently licensed Officials. There will be seminar days specifically for “R” and “S” judges and seminar days for all other licensed officials in the United States. 
Silent auditors will be welcome for some dates and times.

Watch for details soon on this seminar and seminars for individuals looking to become newly licensed Officials.  Details will be posted at:


Thanks to communications from our members we were made aware of a statement made by Andalusian World Cup (AWC) that we will not support our riders at their show. We want to clear up any misconceptions. The Confederation for Working Equitation would love to have the AWC show licensed through our organization, as has been done in the past. We are sad to not be working with AWC this time around but look forward to be working with them again in the future. We have always supported the show with many volunteers, hard work and heart, as we believe all shows are valuable to the sport. We hope that in the future we will be able to work with AWC again.

We support all our riders participating at any show. Participation is what drives this sport, improves competition and creates opportunities. AWC is not a licensed show. We spoke with AWC regarding holding a judging seminar with Antonio Vicente and licensing AWC with the Confederation. AWC indicated they were not interested in hosting a seminar nor licensing the show. That has been the extent of our communication regarding the working equitation at AWC. Unfortunately, we have not had any further contact from AWC.

The Confederation places a high importance on accountability to rules and integrity of competition. We do not recognize points from non-licensed shows for our year end awards, our medals program, or advancement points. Licensing shows ensures that there is governance and oversight of the rules. It ensures that all competitors, no matter the venue, are competing on a level playing field. Licensing ensures the proper officials are in place. Educated officials to monitor the rules, set courses, evaluate competitors, check for tack and attire violations, etc. must be in place at licensed shows. Licensing tracks horse and rider combinations to be sure they are competing at the correct level and not riding down to try to win awards, points, etc. Competing at a licensed show creates a cross check at the national level when reviewed for awards, advancement and medals. Licensing the shows gives competitors a platform for inquiries, protests and appeals at a national level. With non-licensed shows, there is no oversight or process for competitors should an issue arise.

We support our competitors competing at every opportunity they have to improve their performance, but we only recognize points from licensed competitions. The good news is that if you are looking to compete for points or medals with the Confederation, we have 30 licensed events across the United States. We are also working with Mr. Vicente to hold the judge training seminar at either a different location or on a different date / venue. Stay tuned for details. 
You can see upcoming events on our calendar:

Exciting new program announcement! LICENSED OFFICIALS INSTRUCTOR

We will be identifying individuals, through an application process, to become Licensed Officials Instructors.

You will be able to bring these instructors to your area and host a Licensed Officials Seminar. 
If you would like to host a seminar in your area, please fill out this application:

We currently have two instructors:
Carmen Franco and Tarrin Warren. 
We hope to be adding to that list soon!

Our goal is for the Confederation to sponsor one seminar per year for our “R” and “S” judges with an International judge. Details are being worked out for 2018. Our other Officials will be able to attend as silent auditors for continuing education.

Complete details on the program are in the Licensed Officials page.

If you have any questions please contact us at:

New Group Members!

Welcome Pedro Torres Academy of Working Equitation USA and all their members! PTAWE is our newest Group Member Organization (GM). 
You can learn more about joining the Pedro Torres academy GM by contacting them at or visiting their website

Meadowsweet Ranch. 
If you are looking for a group to join in the Spring Grove, IL area, contact Kathy Boettcher at or


Special Awards Winners! Congratulations to all!

In December we sent a nomination form out to our members for some special awards. The nominations have been reviewed and voted on by the Board and Committees.

Without our volunteers, members, event organizers, etc Working Equitation could not grow like it has been in the United States.

Thank you does not even come close to expressing our appreciation to all the individuals who have gone above and beyond in volunteering, being positive, and working to achieve their WE goals.

These individuals were chosen to receive special awards and certificates.

Jeanne Bond
Nomination Statement we received:
I nominate Jeanne Bond. She has supported WE for years, and has been absolutely indispensable in preparing documents for the Confederation, including databases, drafts of various programs and forms, and maintained the RULES. She worked on the committee to prepare and revise the rules, as well as on the Licensed Officials Committee and the Show Committee.

Carmen Franco
Nomination statement we received:
Carmen has been very dedicated to the start up demands of the Confederation. She jumps in to help wherevever we are lacking vounteers. Carmen translated our rules to Spanish. SHe has a strong drive and never ending work ethic.

Kate Fowler
Nomination statement we received:
I have only recently met Kate Fowler. I have found her to be a great asset in the WE world. She hosted 2 WE shows this past Summer, she did so with grace and efficiency. She ran her shows well and still managed to show 2 of her horses in the classes also. Being from out of town I had many questions when I got to the show grounds. Kate took the time to show us everything we needed to know and then helped just a little more. She is a great supporter of this sport and an excellent example of how a competitor should handle themselves. I look forward to riding with and against her in the future. Thank you for considering her for the sportsmanship award.

Kim McBroom
Nomination statement we received:
Kim is a lovely rider. When I watch her, I strive to ride better myself. She always has a kind word and words of encouragement for fellow riders. When she has a bad ride or things don't go as well for her, she takes that information and makes the next ride better. Always positive and just a nice person.