Congratulations to Christine Righeimer on her Pewter Lifetime Achievement Medal

Congratulations to Christine Righeimer!  Christine earned the scores needed to earn her Pewter Lifetime Achievement Medal. Your hard work and dedication shows!  Christine wanted to let everyone know that she could not have earned her medal without the help of Liz Grastorf. 

Great job!


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Why are National Show entry fees so expensive?

In an effort to help keep everyone informed, We want to publish the preliminary expense sheet from the National Show.  Not all the bills are in yet, but we want to get this information in front of you.

Keep in mind without our generous Platinum sponosor, Haras Hacienda, this show would have come in at a loss.  Haras Hacienda donated the arenas, ground crew, stabling Thursday through Monday, the cost of the Veterinarian, the cost of 1/2 of the show manager, food for the volunteers and staff at cost, obstacles, lodging for officials and volunteers, and more.  They are a huge reason that the show was able to happen.  

The show was able to stay in the black due to all of our sponsors.  Please be sure to visit their web pages, support their businesses and let them know how much we appreciate them.

We are looking forward to the 2019 National Show.  Stay tuned for details.

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The Confederation for Working Equitation welcomes our newest regional directors: Maria Blackstone representing the Southeast and David Washburn representing the Northeast.  Both of these new directors have been promoting and driving the growth of working equitation in their areas and we look forward to adding their wisdom, enthusiasm and work ethic to the board!

“I am really looking forward to the opportunity to help promote this amazing sport in our region.” - Maria Blackstone

I would like to thank members of the Confederation on my nomination to represent Region 6. I would be honored to represent the region in this capacity. I have enjoyed this past year of competing and getting to know many of the members and fellow competitors. The beauty of this sport is the bond created not only between horse and rider, but also between competitors.
Working Equitation has given me a reason to ride and goals to strive for. I would love to share my passion for this sport, by promoting more shows and clinics in the North East.

Thank you,
David Washburn


We are blessed to have so many supporters for our first National Championship show and we want to thank Malinda Edwards de Mata for joining us, not only as a rider, but also as a “Friend of Show” sponsor.

THANK YOU, Malinda!

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Malinda Mata

Edwards de Mata Law 

Specializing in civil litigation, equine law, and business law.


Three years ago I was fortunate enough to purchase Mocha who had been a trail and lesson horse at the J6 Equestrian Center whom I was taking lessons on. Mocha did not like being a lesson horse, but I always felt from the start that we connected and that she wanted to perform for me.  Due to Mocha's size it took me a long time to figure out what events Mocha and I enjoyed doing and Working Equitation has been so much fun that we have started taking it seriously.  Mocha and I have really blossomed in the short time that we have been training at the J6 Equestrian Center under the tutelage of Katherine Calkins, Samantha Jepson and the other trainers.  Seeing and experiencing the growth of Mocha's abilities has really inspired me to train even harder and to start advancing up the Working Equitation levels.  Mocha and I are looking forward to competing at Nationals this year and we are thankful for having qualified. 

Micheal Green

Note: if you want to share with us your road to the championship, your involvement with Working Equitation and/or some fun facts of your horse partners, please send an email with pictures to



Samantha Jepson of S bar J Training out of Benson, AZ is excited to have qualified for the Confederation Nationals show on her gelding, Valiant, a ranch horse dropout of unknown breeding from Mexico.

Valiant started his training just over a year ago with Samantha. Originally, he was too out of shape and improperly muscled to even canter, let alone safely carry a rider. On the ground he was high strung, spooky, and difficult to manage due to prior handling.

Through a slow, methodical, and consistent groundwork and feeding program Valiant developed the beginnings of carriage and was able to be restarted.  While Samantha had originally been planning to train Valiant as a rope horse his shy demeanor and lack of proper muscle required further saddle training be conducted as preparation for the roping arena.  Valiant took well to Working Equitation and developed confidence in both his rider and his own abilities, as well as thriving on the application of the Dressage foundation Samantha uses on all of her training horses to develop and balance their musculature.

As their bond has continued to develop, Valiant has begun to work as Samantha’s assistant colt starter, is excelling in working equitation and Samantha is excited to see where his talents will take her! With plans to grow in Working Equitation, and to pursue more Eventing and Vaquero Ranch Roping, Valiant is everything Samantha enjoys in an all-around versatility using horse.

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Meet Katherine Calkins and her stallion Wicked James Blonde! James is a seven year old stallion out of Katherine’s favorite broodmare, Olneys Emeralds Mystique (Evee) and by Amber Fields Desperado. Katherine bred, raised and trained James, despite her fracturing six vertebrae in a riding accident four years ago.

James has carried Katherine through her miraculous recovery, and on many great adventures in their years together. To supplement their Dressage work James also competes in rail classes, driving, and Three Day Eventing. James also enjoys going ranching and sorting cattle.

Three years ago Katherine discovered Working Equitation and thought it was an excellent and fun opportunity for developing the versatile stallion in a fashion that enhanced the Classical Dressage foundation while she recovered from her injuries. The opportunity to apply the Dressage knowledge to obstacles has helped James maintain an interest for the arena work that he finds so dull.  Katherine is looking forward to this event and the future of the sport that was integral in her being able to compete again.  

Note: if you want to share with us your road to the championship, your involvement with Working Equitation and/or some fun facts of your horse partners, please send an email with pictures to



It is an honor for us at the Confederation, to receive the support from so many different friends and companies. Adding KEY PRIVATE BANK to our list of Sponsors in Silver Level, make us even prouder of a job well done.

Thank you so much for your support and a special thank you to Kate Fowler for the connection and Kimberly June and Tarrin Warren for their work coordinating everything.

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