Three years ago I was fortunate enough to purchase Mocha who had been a trail and lesson horse at the J6 Equestrian Center whom I was taking lessons on. Mocha did not like being a lesson horse, but I always felt from the start that we connected and that she wanted to perform for me.  Due to Mocha's size it took me a long time to figure out what events Mocha and I enjoyed doing and Working Equitation has been so much fun that we have started taking it seriously.  Mocha and I have really blossomed in the short time that we have been training at the J6 Equestrian Center under the tutelage of Katherine Calkins, Samantha Jepson and the other trainers.  Seeing and experiencing the growth of Mocha's abilities has really inspired me to train even harder and to start advancing up the Working Equitation levels.  Mocha and I are looking forward to competing at Nationals this year and we are thankful for having qualified. 

Micheal Green

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Samantha Jepson of S bar J Training out of Benson, AZ is excited to have qualified for the Confederation Nationals show on her gelding, Valiant, a ranch horse dropout of unknown breeding from Mexico.

Valiant started his training just over a year ago with Samantha. Originally, he was too out of shape and improperly muscled to even canter, let alone safely carry a rider. On the ground he was high strung, spooky, and difficult to manage due to prior handling.

Through a slow, methodical, and consistent groundwork and feeding program Valiant developed the beginnings of carriage and was able to be restarted.  While Samantha had originally been planning to train Valiant as a rope horse his shy demeanor and lack of proper muscle required further saddle training be conducted as preparation for the roping arena.  Valiant took well to Working Equitation and developed confidence in both his rider and his own abilities, as well as thriving on the application of the Dressage foundation Samantha uses on all of her training horses to develop and balance their musculature.

As their bond has continued to develop, Valiant has begun to work as Samantha’s assistant colt starter, is excelling in working equitation and Samantha is excited to see where his talents will take her! With plans to grow in Working Equitation, and to pursue more Eventing and Vaquero Ranch Roping, Valiant is everything Samantha enjoys in an all-around versatility using horse.

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Meet Katherine Calkins and her stallion Wicked James Blonde! James is a seven year old stallion out of Katherine’s favorite broodmare, Olneys Emeralds Mystique (Evee) and by Amber Fields Desperado. Katherine bred, raised and trained James, despite her fracturing six vertebrae in a riding accident four years ago.

James has carried Katherine through her miraculous recovery, and on many great adventures in their years together. To supplement their Dressage work James also competes in rail classes, driving, and Three Day Eventing. James also enjoys going ranching and sorting cattle.

Three years ago Katherine discovered Working Equitation and thought it was an excellent and fun opportunity for developing the versatile stallion in a fashion that enhanced the Classical Dressage foundation while she recovered from her injuries. The opportunity to apply the Dressage knowledge to obstacles has helped James maintain an interest for the arena work that he finds so dull.  Katherine is looking forward to this event and the future of the sport that was integral in her being able to compete again.  

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It is an honor for us at the Confederation, to receive the support from so many different friends and companies. Adding KEY PRIVATE BANK to our list of Sponsors in Silver Level, make us even prouder of a job well done.

Thank you so much for your support and a special thank you to Kate Fowler for the connection and Kimberly June and Tarrin Warren for their work coordinating everything.

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Our very successful Seminar (sponsored by WEIAUSA) from last year is coming back to our first class host Haras Hacienda, October 16-21 during our National Championship Show.
In order to allow each candidate to have personal attention we have been limiting the class size to 10 candidates. This allows ample time to ask questions, have good discussion and allow each participant the opportunity to get a significant amount of practical experience. 
Another outstanding opportunity for all, is the option to attend as a silent auditor. This is a great deal for ANYONE who is interested in being at the top of their game in Working Equitation. It really helps you to understand exactly what the judges are looking for.
Don't delay in registering for this seminar as there is a lot of interest for it.
Registration in the following link:

This Seminar has had great reviews, not only because we have chosen great locations where participants can live direct experiences at competitions (Haras Spring Festival, Andalusian World Cup East, Andalusian World Cup Las Vegas and Haras Cup in 2017) but also because of the format and the outstanding preparation and quality of our Instructors Tarrin Warren and Carmen Franco. Here are their bios:


Tarrin is the owner of TNT Quarter Horses, LLC. She breeds, trains and shows her Quarter Horses as well as select outside training horses. Tarrin has been judging, teaching and training for over 25 years. She has successfully competed on and trained many breeds of horses for multiple disciplines including racing, speed events, halter, showmanship, jumping, dressage, polocrosse, team penning, sorting, trail, pleasure, huntseat, and more.

For the last six years Tarrin’s focus has been on Working Equitation. She has helped in the development multiple programs for Working Equitation. During the rules consolidation process in November of 2016, Tarrin was an independent consultant. She currently serves as the Executive Director for the Confederation For Working Equitation. 

A carded "S" judge with The Confederation For Working Equitation, she has attended judge training seminars with WAWE judge trainer Claudia Elsner Matos in 2014, 2016, and 2017. In September of 2016, she attended a USEF judge training seminar with Wayne Hipsley.  Tarrin attended a judge training seminar with WAWE judge trainer Antonio Vicente in August of 2018.
For three years, Tarrin has had the privilege of shadow judging with international judges at AWC in Las Vegas. Two of those years were with WAWE president Joao Ralao Duarte. 

Training with instructors such as Carmen Franco, Carlos Carniero and Nuno Matos has allowed Tarrin to grow her skills in competition.


Carmen is a Dressage Rider, Trainer and Judge, born in Colombia. After graduating as an Architect, she moved to Germany for where she obtained the title of Bereiterin (Professional Rider) at the prestigious German Equestrian Federation in Warendorf. Carmen is a four-time National Champion in her home country, has been part of the Colombian National Team on several occasions as a rider and as a Chef d'Equipe. She took several clinics to become a Dressage Judge and held the highest category in Colombia. For several years was a member of the Dressage Committee in the Club Hípico Bacatá, Liga Ecuestre de Cundinamarca (LECU) and National Equestrian Federation (FEC) and had to deal with entities like Cundeportes, Coldeportes and Colombian Olympic Committee (COC). In 2001 was named Best Athlete of the Liga Ecuestre de Cundinamarca.

In 2004 moved to Florida where she has established her name as trainer and competitive rider in the highly renowned Wellington area in Florida. In 2013 was introduced to the sport of Working Equitation through Haras dos Cavaleiros and has become an integral part of shows, events and associations. She has attended several Working Equitation seminars with WAWE Judges Claudia Matos (POR) and Antonio Vicente (POR). Carmen was an advisor for WEIAUSA in the Rulebook updates and was part of the Rules Committee that worked on the unification of the Working Equitation Rule Book for the USA. Was also key in developing the Confederation for Working Equitation where she is one of the Executive Board Members and is active participant in many different committees. Carmen speaks 4 languages and lives in West Palm Beach, FL.



We are happy to announce that we have some very special prizes for our competitors!

Gift certificates from SmartPak and ShowOff Ribbon Racks will be given to each one of our NATIONAL CHAMPIONS in each level and division!

And all CHAMPIONS and RESERVE CHAMPIONS will enter in the drawing for a fantastic prize donated by ARIZONA RANCHES: a 3 night stay in any of their three ranches. A prize valued between $1600 and $1800!!!

Who will be the lucky winners?

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I am probably the oldest competitor in the National Championship Show--I became eligible for Social Security a few years ago.  And, along with Sandra and David Washburn, who are traveling over 1500 miles, quite possibly I am one of longest-distance travelers.  I've been riding for over 55 years, having started in cutoff jeans and no shoes bareback on a pony in Michigan when I was about 8.  I eventually began taking dressage lessons in New Jersey when I was in my twenties, and I was active in the US dressage community beginning in the 80s, when dressage was still relatively young in the US.  I am seeing Working Equitation here follow that same path.  

After moving from Maryland to Virginia in 2012, I began taking Dior fox hunting and we also dabbled in TREC.  She is a 15-year-old Oldenburg mare by Donnerluck out of a Grusus dam, who I've had since she was 3.  We discovered WE a couple of years ago and entered our first competition in the fall of 2016, in Lexington Virginia at the ERAHC competition.  
Dior is a very brave mare (I love my mares) and has enthusiastically taken to WE.  We have about 600 head of beef cattle on our 2500 acre farm in Goochland, Virginia.  Dior has been exposed to cows, bulls, and calves as well as donkeys, alpacas, llamas, sheep, goats, chickens, peacocks, and a pig--so obviously the Animal Pen obstacle is not a problem.  I don't have a dressage arena but instead work in the pastures and crop fields.  My many years of serious study in dressage have served us well.  The other two phases of the WE competition make it fun for both me and Dior.

I've been pleased to be involved with the Confederation since its inception, right here at Haras in 2017.  I'm extremely proud of the way the organization has developed and supported the discipline in the United States.  I'm looking forward to staying at Haras and participating in this, the very first Confederation National Championship.

Dr. Rebecca Yount

Pictures by Grace Kellogg

Note: if you want to share with us your road to the championship, your involvement with Working Equitation and/or some fun facts of your horse partners, please send an email with pictures to