The Confederation is now offering insurance for group member organizations and licensed officials!

Exciting news! A new benefit for our group member organizations and licensed officials.

The Confederation now has the ability for licensed officials to obtain insurance for Confederation events through the insurance policy of the Confederation. It will cost our licensed officials $35 a year for coverage.

Our GM's can now obtain insurance for their group events (shows, clinics, seminars) through the insurance policy of the Confederation. The cost to our GM's is $100 for the first day of an event and $75 for each additional day of the same event.

Contact Amy Star, or Tarrin Warren, for details.

The Confederation is growing!

We have organizations in Arizona, California regions, Utah, North Carolina, the Mid-Atlantic region (including Virginia), the North Eastern region, Great Lakes region, Illinois, Texas regions, Gulf Coast states, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico!  

The Confederation has nineteen active and growing organizations through out the United States with hundreds of group and individual members! Check out our website pages to find an organization near you!

If you would like to be an individual or group member, please go to the members page and follow the links here.

To see our list of clubs and organizations, go to:


WEIAUSA and USFWE announce their alliance and the establishment of a unified governing body for the development and further promotion of working equitation in the United States.

The “Confederation,” a Texas nonprofit corporation, is the culmination of the merger process announced in early-2016 by the two founding U.S. working equitation organizations. The strengths of each organization, which include event organization, judging accreditation, high point and medals programs, youth programs, show sponsorship, among others, were considered in creating an alliance that will serve to better facilitate the needs of current and future members

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