Remember you have until 8/30 to qualify for our National Championship show to be held at Haras Hacienda, October 19-21.
For more information about the National Championship, please go to
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Thank you to Jeanne Bond for keeping show calendar up to date

Judge and Technical Delegate Training Seminar for 2018.

Our very successful Seminar (sponsored by WEIAUSA) from last year is coming back to our first class host Haras Hacienda, October 16-21 during our National Championship Show.
In order to allow each candidate to have personal attention we have been limiting the class size to 10 candidates. This allows ample time to ask questions, have good discussion and allow each participant the opportunity to get a significant amount of practical experience. 
Another outstanding opportunity for all, is the option to attend as a silent auditor. This is a great deal for ANYONE who is interested in being at the top of their game in Working Equitation. It really helps you to understand exactly what the judges are looking for.
Don't delay in registering for this seminar as there is a lot of interest for it.
Registration in the following link:


New Medalist!

Congratulations Kris Blacklock! Kris is our newest Pewter medal earner. Kris earned her Lifetime Achievement medal by being an individual member of the a Confederation, competing at Introductory Level in Confederation Licensed shows, and earning the required scores on her horses Ocean and Gambler. Congratulations Kris! We are proud of you!

New Executive Board Members

We would like to welcome Jeanne Bond (Maryland) and Chris Stanko (Colorado) as the newest Executive Board Members. They will be joining Jill Malone, Carmen Franco and Rafael Chavez as Executive Board Members. Thank you for helping the Confederation continue to grow and develop!

A big thank you to Amy Star for the time she put into the Confederation Executive Board and Committees. We wish her the best of luck in all her future endeavors!


HARAS HACIENDA (Magnolia, TX) - October 19-21

The Confederation for Working Equitation is pleased to offer our inaugural National Championship show. The Confederation has grown tremendously since it was formed by the founding organizations of WE in the United States (USFWE and WEIAUSA). We are proud of how our competitors have worked to develop their skills and qualify for this great show. The Confederation also would like to thank the many Group Members and show organizers who have created rated shows for the competitors to earn their qualifying scores.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the show and enjoying the friendships WE has created!

Information has been published on our website.please follow the link below:




The Rules Committee felt it necessary to clarify some items within the Rule Book mid-year. The only two portions of the book that were affected were the main body of the rules and Appendix C, Score Sheets. A summary of the changes is included on page ii. All changes in the rules text are in red font. In Appendix C, the score sheets for EOH and Speed were modified to allow more room for notation. The Class Results Tally sheet was completely reformatted and now includes notes to facilitate the scoring process and handling ties. (Changes to Appendix C are not indicated in red.)


Please any questions/comments to any of the US WE Rules Committee members:

Jeanne Bond, Chair halcyonfarm@hotmail.com

Carmen Franco queca@q-equestrian.com

Leslie Martien lesliemartien34@gmail.com

Barbara Price torrepinonfarms@aol.com

Amy Star andalusian.amy@gmail.com

Tarrin Warren twarrenx2@gmail.com


Remember to mark your calendar! 
More details will be released in the next few weeks!
The Confederation for Working Equitation is excited to announce the 2018 Working Equitation National Championship Show to be held in October 19-21, 2018, in the top-quality venue of Haras Hacienda, located in Magnolia, Texas. This central location is accessible from all parts of the United States. The facility features multiple arenas with state of the art footing, great stabling with ventilation for the equine athletes, and ample and comfortable room for exhibitors and public .

Here are some facts to know:
- You must qualify for this event per the requirements in the rules book: Rule 2.8 page 11
- Your scores from Confederation rated shows from 12/1/2016 through 10/1/2018 will count towards qualifications for the National Championship Show
- WE United shows will count towards qualification for the Working Equitation National Championship Show IF the following requirements are met:
o Show must be held between 12/1/17 to 8/30/18
o Show must be judged by a Confederation licensed judge
o Horse must be recorded with the Confederation PRIOR to the competition
o Competitor must be an Individual or Group Member of the Confederation PRIOR to the competition
o Competitor must submit score sheets and official show results to the Confederation using the appropriate Confederation form within 30 days of the conclusion of the competition


We are looking forward to this event and we are excited to offer this venue to all Working Equitation enthusiasts across the United States. Stay tuned for more information! We currently have over 130 qualifying horse and rider pairs.