Samantha Jepson of S bar J Training out of Benson, AZ is excited to have qualified for the Confederation Nationals show on her gelding, Valiant, a ranch horse dropout of unknown breeding from Mexico.

Valiant started his training just over a year ago with Samantha. Originally, he was too out of shape and improperly muscled to even canter, let alone safely carry a rider. On the ground he was high strung, spooky, and difficult to manage due to prior handling.

Through a slow, methodical, and consistent groundwork and feeding program Valiant developed the beginnings of carriage and was able to be restarted.  While Samantha had originally been planning to train Valiant as a rope horse his shy demeanor and lack of proper muscle required further saddle training be conducted as preparation for the roping arena.  Valiant took well to Working Equitation and developed confidence in both his rider and his own abilities, as well as thriving on the application of the Dressage foundation Samantha uses on all of her training horses to develop and balance their musculature.

As their bond has continued to develop, Valiant has begun to work as Samantha’s assistant colt starter, is excelling in working equitation and Samantha is excited to see where his talents will take her! With plans to grow in Working Equitation, and to pursue more Eventing and Vaquero Ranch Roping, Valiant is everything Samantha enjoys in an all-around versatility using horse.

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