Why are National Show entry fees so expensive?

In an effort to help keep everyone informed, We want to publish the preliminary expense sheet from the National Show.  Not all the bills are in yet, but we want to get this information in front of you.

Keep in mind without our generous Platinum sponosor, Haras Hacienda, this show would have come in at a loss.  Haras Hacienda donated the arenas, ground crew, stabling Thursday through Monday, the cost of the Veterinarian, the cost of 1/2 of the show manager, food for the volunteers and staff at cost, obstacles, lodging for officials and volunteers, and more.  They are a huge reason that the show was able to happen.  

The show was able to stay in the black due to all of our sponsors.  Please be sure to visit their web pages, support their businesses and let them know how much we appreciate them.


We are looking forward to the 2019 National Show.  Stay tuned for details.