Thanks to communications from our members we were made aware of a statement made by Andalusian World Cup (AWC) that we will not support our riders at their show. We want to clear up any misconceptions. The Confederation for Working Equitation would love to have the AWC show licensed through our organization, as has been done in the past. We are sad to not be working with AWC this time around but look forward to be working with them again in the future. We have always supported the show with many volunteers, hard work and heart, as we believe all shows are valuable to the sport. We hope that in the future we will be able to work with AWC again.

We support all our riders participating at any show. Participation is what drives this sport, improves competition and creates opportunities. AWC is not a licensed show. We spoke with AWC regarding holding a judging seminar with Antonio Vicente and licensing AWC with the Confederation. AWC indicated they were not interested in hosting a seminar nor licensing the show. That has been the extent of our communication regarding the working equitation at AWC. Unfortunately, we have not had any further contact from AWC.

The Confederation places a high importance on accountability to rules and integrity of competition. We do not recognize points from non-licensed shows for our year end awards, our medals program, or advancement points. Licensing shows ensures that there is governance and oversight of the rules. It ensures that all competitors, no matter the venue, are competing on a level playing field. Licensing ensures the proper officials are in place. Educated officials to monitor the rules, set courses, evaluate competitors, check for tack and attire violations, etc. must be in place at licensed shows. Licensing tracks horse and rider combinations to be sure they are competing at the correct level and not riding down to try to win awards, points, etc. Competing at a licensed show creates a cross check at the national level when reviewed for awards, advancement and medals. Licensing the shows gives competitors a platform for inquiries, protests and appeals at a national level. With non-licensed shows, there is no oversight or process for competitors should an issue arise.

We support our competitors competing at every opportunity they have to improve their performance, but we only recognize points from licensed competitions. The good news is that if you are looking to compete for points or medals with the Confederation, we have 30 licensed events across the United States. We are also working with Mr. Vicente to hold the judge training seminar at either a different location or on a different date / venue. Stay tuned for details. 
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