The Executive Board of the Confederation would like to extend our most sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU to all: our Executive Director, Regional Directors, Committee Chairs and members, volunteers, Individual and Group members, Show and event organizers, Officials, for everything you do. Without your cooperation and support we wouldn't be here!
Executive Board:
• Jeanne Bond
• Chris Stanko
• Jill Glasspool Malone, PhD
• Rafael Chavez
• Carmen Franco
Executive Director:
• Tarrin Warren
Regional Directors:
• Region 1 Northwest
Shelby Ahrens -
• Region 2 Southwest
Ashley Bowers -
• Region 3 Northern Great Plains
Kate Fowler -
• Region 4 Southern Great Plains
Sarah Porte -
• Region 5 Great Lakes
Karen Boso -
• Region 6 Northeast
Megan Malan -
• Region 7 Southeast
• International Region
Jill Barron -
Committee chairs and members:
• Rules & Regulations – Chair Jeanne Bond, Carmen Franco, Amy Star, Tarrin Warren, Leslie Martin, Barbara Price (US Rules Committee)
• Licensed Officials – Chair Dr. Rebecca Yount, Karen Boso, Jeanne Bond, Elizabeth Morosani, Tarrin Warren
• Competitions and Events -- Chair Jeanne Bond, Janet Tenney
o National Show Committee - Chair Carmen Franco, Dr. Jill Glasspool Malone, Kimberly June, Kate Fowler, Karen Burch, Karen Boso, Jeanne Bond, Tarrin Warren
• Membership / Horse Recording – Chair Tarrin Warren, Kelly Heaton Ballinger
• Medal & High Point Awards - Chair Karen Burch, Kara Mehaffy
• Compliance & Ethics and Appeals – Chair Dr. Jill Glasspool Malone, Carmen Franco, Jeanne Bond, Tarrin Warren
• Marketing, Promotion & Sponsorship – Chair Tarrin Warren, Carmen Franco, Jill Glasspool Malone, Kimberly June
• Finance – Chair: Carmen Franco, Tarrin Warren, Karen Burch