"Katy began learning about Working Equitation in 2014. In November 2012 she
rescued a 6-year-old Azteca mare named Frannie, who had been abandoned at a
local barn. With a background in western riding, Working Equitation was
completely new sport to Katy. After encouragement from a friend to visit Haras and
knowing nothing about WE, she started attending clinics and play-days to see what
this sport was about. She and Frannie have had a lot to learn from the very
beginning, however, this sport has proven to be a natural fit for both of them. Katy
fell in love with the challenging nature of WE from the very start.
Katy has been learning as much as she can about WE from taking ongoing lessons
and attending shows and workshops. Katy and Frannie have competed at the Novice
level at Pin Oak Charity horse show and Haras Cup in 2015. For the last 3 years
she and Frannie have competed in the Heart of Texas WE series also and are
looking forward to competing in Novice B division this year at the National Show.
The most important bit of advice that she likes to share with others who are wanting
to get into the sport is “print the rule book and read it cover to cover and learn the
rules, then ride.” Katy feels as if every time she rides she is preparing for dressage
or and obstacle, it is a clear state of mind as well as a clear communication with
your horse that makes a successful team.
Katy lives in Magnolia Texas where she owns and operates Black Horse Riding
LLC. and enjoys sharing the sport with young riders and adults."

Pictures by Kellee Campbell

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