The Seminar with António Vicente is over... We are very grateful to have had so many days filled with educational opportunities both in the classroom as in the dressage and obstacles arenas. Haras Hacienda is a top facility that we are lucky to be able to enjoy. The riders and horses that came to help us have practical experience were fantastic and we appreciate immensely their presence. Judges of all levels, candidates and auditors came from different parts of the world, giving the Seminar the opportunity to have many different points of views and experiences. 

Without a doubt, having someone with António's level and background is a life changing experience for those that seriously want to learn about the sport of Working Equitation. THANK YOU so much for sharing your knowledge with us, for your clarity, your fairness, your great sense of humor!

A big thank you goes to our Executive Director Tarrin Warren and to Carmen Franco, one of our members of the Executive Board, for everything they did organizing.  


Picture of the group we had auditing with the upper level Officials, together with  Dori Johnson and Tiago Ernesto, riders of the last two days.

In the gallery: pictures of the Officials and Silent Auditors with their certificates.

* We will publish an album on our Facebook page with all the pictures Carmen took all days of the Seminar.