Having the opportunity to compete in the inaugural Confederation for Working Equitation National Championship show is exciting, but to be able to compete along side your spouse is amazing.

Sandra Washburn (Law), grew up in the horse world. Pony Club, 4-H, Eventing, Driving, Team Penning, Trail Trials, Dressage, Trail Riding, even exercising race horses as a teenager. If there was a horse involved she most likely tried it. Through the years her love and devotion to horses has not changed nor has her desire to have a well rounded horse. In 2000 she met Frank Grelo at a clinic and became a student of his, training with him as much as time and money would allow. Under Frank she learned the art of classical horsemanship. This gave dressage an entirely new reality of transforming the movements and giving them practical applications, leading to her love of WE. Sandra also fell in love with the baroque breeds and eventually purchased an Andalusian stallion Tesoro in 2004.

In 2004 Sandra and I (David Washburn) met and married a year later. I had always enjoyed horses but knew absolutely nothing about them. Little did I know that the first trail ride she took me on was a test to see if I was capable of keeping up. Over the years of growing together I became the horse husband and father. Going to shows being supportive and most of all doing chores, after all someone has to be that super-duper pooper scooper. I had a few different horses that I rode but never really felt a bond. In 2013 the quarter mare I was riding foaled Perla, by my wife’s stallion Tesoro. Perla was a bit big and the mare had a difficult but successful delivery, only downside was the mare wasn’t producing enough milk. For 2 months I had the pleasure of bottle feeding the foal throughout the night to ensure she was well nourished. I wasn’t pleased at the time however it created that bond that I had never experienced with a horse. Over the past five years that bond has strengthened and developed with training and time.

Our interest in Working Equitation began in 2014 when by chance we hosted Carlos Carneiro for a clinic. The original host had to back out for unforeseen circumstances. Since then our enjoyment of this sport has grown as well as the friendships we have developed. Sandra and I decided this year to begin showing at rated shows and in August received scores qualifying us to attend the National show in Haras. We are looking forward to this awesome opportunity together, seeing friends we have met along the way, and meeting many more at the show. Success is not always winning, it’s the knowledge gained along the journey

Note: if you want to share with us your road to the championship, your involvement with Working Equitation and/or some fun facts of your horse partners, please send an email with pictures to