Results from the Haras spring show are in!  congratulations to the Confederation high point, second and third place leaders!


current high point, second and third place

working equitation standings:

The results from these shows are included in the leaderboard above:

1.) AZWEC Show #3

2.) CSB Winter WE Show

3.) New Year WE Show

4.) MCC Winter Working Equitation Show

5.) AZWEC March 4th Show

6.) Rocky Moutain Horse Expo

7.) Haras Spring Festival Working Equitation Show


Our point tracking system is as follows:

From the Rule Book:" A- and B-rated shows as well as regional and national champion competitions (see Section 2 for a definition of competition levels), scores for Dressage and EOH trials are averaged together and awarded tracking points for that competition. Once a horse/rider combination has earned 30 points under the formula, they are required to advance to the next higher level the following competition year:

(1) 57.500% thru 59.999% = 1 point

(2) 60.000% thru 62.499% = 2 points

(3) 62.500% thru 64.999% = 3 points

(4) 65.000% thru 67.499% = 4 points

(5) 67.500% thru 69.999% = 6 points

(6) 70.000% and above = 7 points

Annual High Points/Leader Board to be determined purely based on scores from licensed Confederation shows.  Eligible Scores will consist of the average percentage derived from the Dressage and Ease of Handling Scores per single competition.